Thursday, August 27, 2015

Aphrodite + Daniel | Bethesda, Maryland

Aphrodite & Daniel are getting married in Pittsburgh this fall. 

And I cannot wait. 

We met up in Bethesda, Maryland a few months ago to do a shoot to announce their engagements, and they were so so fun to shoot with! Aphrodite brought some bubble gum, and Daniel brought hats representing their favorite sports team. 

They are so cute. Oh my gosh. 
 photo ad-0361_zpsb2novgsw.jpg photo ad-0362_zps9g7extwj.jpg photo ad-0334_zpsowwyky6s.jpg photo ad-0374_zpsdf2h7zb8.jpg photo ad-0379_zps0i2uqfuc.jpg photo ad-0398_zpsjsvc8rpy.jpg photo ad-0406_zpsz4napymk.jpg photo ad-0413_zpsdaw4l1mo.jpg photo ad-0418_zpscb2hf5yj.jpg photo ad-0437_zpsv6waprba.jpg
 photo ad-0497_zpsd77tp9fx.jpg photo ad-0507_zpsnhnr6tbh.jpg
 photo ad-0478_zpsinpxwrde.jpg
 photo ad-0499_zpsi2vnmgrw.jpg photo ad-0508_zpsykx6yidz.jpg photo ad-0447_zpsnjxmxumt.jpg photo ad-0448_zpsal4ixllg.jpg photo ad-0516_zpsakwzzk8k.jpg photo ad-0519_zpsb98oopyq.jpg love kaytee

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Amanda + Adam | Bebe

You've seen these faces quite a bit around here since I first shot their engagements back in 2013. After their engagements, I shot their wedding the following June in the Outer Banks, and a fun 6 month anniversary shoot with them in NYC the following December. Shortly after the shoot, they announced they were expecting their baby girl AND moving to Richmond. All within a few short days before her due date, they made the move to RVA, and we met on the James to shoot some pictures before the arrival of Ms Faire. She is now here, and I cannot wait to continue the adventure with these dear friends. 
 photo aa-3398_zps4cg13hqd.jpg
 photo aa-3392_zpsgvpjvocf.jpg photo aa-3377_zpseymwci9p.jpg
 photo aa-3380_zps8dnzo80b.jpg
 photo aa-3442_zps3evqtrwa.jpg
 photo aa-3422_zpsxne9mb2z.jpg photo aa-3413_zps1qexvua9.jpg
 photo aa-3416_zpsmflwgt49.jpg
 photo aa-3288_zpsin5oahqm.jpg photo aa-3296_zpsmxtxdq4m.jpg
 photo aa-3565_zpsishhxwhi.jpg
 photo aa-3520_zpsnwdabmcy.jpg
 photo aa-3301_zpsv6vzyr5e.jpg
 photo aa-3298_zpsi04hxl2j.jpg
 photo aa-3552_zpstbcpeqrn.jpg
 photo aa-3535_zps0o9dflsj.jpg photo aa-3500_zpswpzaazsu.jpg  photo aa-3492_zpsc9tgooc4.jpg
 photo aa-3628_zpsxh7oz3wr.jpg  photo aa-3631_zpsrfxzsyxu.jpg  photo aa-3643_zpsvlgzko9a.jpg  photo aa-3635_zpsh86uinoh.jpg  photo aa-3680_zps57xe0gkv.jpg  photo aa-3673_zpsesz95hlg.jpg  photo aa-3665_zpszig7xyol.jpglove kaytee

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Jose & Lauren | Riverside, California

Last year Joel and I went to visit our good friends Cody and Christa at their home in Southern California. Christa had a wedding the weekend we were there, so I went along and helped her get some shots. It was so fun shooting with her, as it always is, especially in California! I miss the In-n-Out Burgers and I'm ready to go back. Christa's amazing photography and design work can be found on her site here. In the meantime, meet Jose & Lauren, married in Riverside California at The Life Arts Center and celebrated at The Salted Pig
 photo jl-9343_zpsaco0hrka.jpg photo jl-9341_zpsyolf7jco.jpg photo jl-9354_zpsfyrldn2o.jpg photo jl-9345_zpsi0bx4bio.jpg photo jl-9361_zpsuifcbpur.jpg photo jl-9360_zpsv1i6ufjz.jpg photo jl-9557_zpssddsavyq.jpg photo jl-9396_zpscs1tzc7t.jpg photo jl-9395_zpsmpmdwhix.jpg photo jl-9399_zps6emhh55c.jpg photo jl-9371_zps2zrxqhjj.jpg photo jl-9784_zpsurykziai.jpg photo jl-9574_zpsr1nmospy.jpg photo jl-9384_zps8ugukdzi.jpg
 photo jl-9389_zpsnmdywnea.jpg
 photo jl-9491_zpsm7ycsqrt.jpg photo jl-9511_zpsmihpjcye.jpg  photo jl-9500_zpstounp5o2.jpg photo jl-9506_zpsgppe1i97.jpg photo jl-9517_zpsocssahsb.jpg
 photo jl-9630_zpsrus6tyfp.jpg photo jl-9634_zpsrj8pdp1m.jpg photo jl-9614_zpsihaw8qre.jpg photo jl-9555_zpsbclwnx2f.jpg photo jl-9439_zpswiediexo.jpg photo jl-9648_zpsuiq315bl.jpg photo jl-9428_zpssvqmc6kb.jpg photo jl-9676_zps4njavamq.jpg
 photo jl-9663_zps18yj65yh.jpg
 photo jl-9702_zps4p4cnwyt.jpg
 photo jl-9715_zps0kx4ye81.jpg photo jl-9722_zpsykcidjvy.jpg photo jl-9735_zpsa0mgtczn.jpg  photo jl-9746_zpspbee9on3.jpg  photo jl-9754_zps3uggzbbi.jpg  photo jl-9769_zpsmygrawkn.jpg  photo jl-9772_zpstdktvxid.jpg  photo jl-9779_zpsvsren4yg.jpg
 photo jl-9587_zpszncwixyh.jpg photo jl-9572_zpsxsdkmkwt.jpg photo jl-9566_zpsj8wg2wvp.jpg photo jl-9785_zpsdibp1yfi.jpg photo jl-9791_zpsp0oswiox.jpg photo jl-9797_zpsb3udmioq.jpg photo jl-9800_zpsrrlrf8jy.jpg photo jl-9817_zps5ycxcv7p.jpg photo jl-9856_zpsgyxgcokh.jpg photo jl-0054_zpsqcgzmvdh.jpg photo jl-0110_zpslhn0q17a.jpg photo jl-0109_zpspzpph9hx.jpg photo jl-0113_zpsdia30tcw.jpg photo jl-0116_zps5ufaeqdg.jpg  photo jl-0121_zpsyb7ej8ne.jpg photo jl-0128_zpsjsw4tqx7.jpg photo jl-0123_zps01wyrhvq.jpg photo jl-8968_zpsdib9j8fv.jpg  photo jl-8967_zpsvbjxatfo.jpg photo jl-8952_zpsypfks8q6.jpg photo jl-8905_zps9obhmnen.jpg photo jl-8937_zpsrtzsj0q7.jpg photo jl-8900_zps9dutps8j.jpg  photo jl-8932_zpskgnbmqar.jpg  photo jl-8950_zpsveavdbvp.jpg  photo jl-8903_zpsxk4mrcsf.jpg photo jl-8959_zpsnqlsbccc.jpg photo jl-8931_zpsuxm9vz0f.jpg photo jl-8970_zpsxniwtqy3.jpg photo jl-9953_zpsz9t2jwqp.jpg
love kaytee