Thursday, July 30, 2015

Home in the Country | All day long

Joel and I have been nonstop here lately. We have finished the living room, my office, and patched up more of the kitchen. I am starting on the hallway and foyer today, hoping to be done with that in a week. Lots of updates on their way, and I am THE MOST excited about finally having an office of my own. I cannot wait to move my stuff in, and finally start spreading out. It has been a wonderful 4 years of working beside my bed, I actually did enjoy it, but I am excited to have an actual room. One that I can decorate and make myself comfortable in while I work on one of my biggest passions in life. I am looking forward to where this space takes me, and the new opportunities that it will create. 

Coming soon! 

love kaytee

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Hannah + Tommy | Baby Boy

Hannah & Tommy are two very very good friends of mine and Joel's. A few weeks before our Nashville trip, they were surprised to find out that they were expecting their first baby. It has been a long few months, waiting to find out whether he/she would be a boy or girl. There was a lot of debate, Tommy thought boy, Hannah thought girl. 

On the day of their ultrasound, they waited the extra hour to bring home the letter containing the gender without opening it. I had Hannah get both colors of paint, and had them close their eyes as Hannah's parents painted them revealing the gender. I have documented them throughout their pregnancy, and getting their reactions as they found out they are expecting a boy is a priceless treasure...

 photo J22A1374_zps4hb31nlu.jpg photo J22A1361_zps6u2eaqfk.jpg photo J22A1382_zpsqfayvif6.jpg photo J22A1384_zpsto8ftpmj.jpg photo J22A1385_zpsxrrugpu1.jpg  photo J22A1387_zpsdwwego4g.jpg photo J22A1388_zpszkwkzenr.jpg photo J22A1389_zpsfdoyl3qt.jpg  photo J22A1395_zpsndvurc9e.jpg  photo J22A1393_zpsnnqtfb96.jpg  photo J22A1417_zpsrjuot4ru.jpg  photo J22A1415_zps18vcnxvu.jpg love kaytee

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Becoming a Creative: General Tips

Enjoy this completely unrelated picture of Joel and I on the Brooklyn Bridge a few weeks ago.

Becoming a Creative: General Tips + Resources 

No matter what type of small business you are creating, there are many many helpful resources just a few clicks away. Some of the resources are free, others are paid, but remember, "you get what pay for." A lot of the free resources can be utilized and put to good use, but it doesn't hurt to invest in something that will do substantial good for your business later on. 


Creative Confidence by Tom + David Kelley 
Ben Sasso Editing & Consistency
Arrow & Apple Study of Light Course
The Define School Courses
Jasmine Star

Jasmine Star Blog 
The Dream Job Shop 
Photography blogs of those you admire (sometimes photographers are more than willing to blog helpful tips about how they got started...they are always a huge help if it's someone you admire.)

And lastly... my general tips. My number one general tip, is to invest in a website. That doesn't mean paying $xxx for a whole new brand. It means taking the time to get some kick ass starter brand going, even if that means sitting in front of your computer for 12 hours until the job is done. And yes. That is what I did. Over the course of 3 days and barely leaving my bedroom, Kaytee Lauren was created. You can create a wonderful website just by researching what you don't know, and starting SOMEWHERE. You can't go wrong if you just get started. I used Wordpress, and purchased templates that I liked, fixing them overtime to fit my needs and my brand. It was under $500 to do this, and some of the templates included other materials that I now use for client packaging. Win win! 

If I continue to think of online resources that have helped me in the past, I will continue adding them to the list. In the mean time, if you have additional questions, email!
love kaytee

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Becoming a Creative: How to run a business

Photo above a preview from a styled and lifestyle shoot I did recently with Tart Event Co. Coming soon!

The next question in my Becoming a Creative Series is on How to Run a Photography Business. Running a business is different for everyone. There are different ways to go about it, all based on your location, type of business, and even how you work as an individual. Certain things that run one person's business, will not work for another's. The best advice I can give when opening your business is to do the following: 

Choose a business name- this is important as it will set your business apart from the rest. I chose Kaytee Lauren, because it's my name. I wanted my business to be a representation of me, and to attract like-minded individuals to a particular style. This may not be best for everyone, what's best is to pick a name based on your particular style of photography/business, and what is going to represent that the most. 

Decide what kind of business you will be- You need to decide how you are going to support yourself, and how you will become a business. Every state and country is different, so the best way to do this is by simply googling businesses in your area. Most places will have a website with a step by step process of how to register your business in your area. This will involve all of the legal stuff, which I cannot help with. It took me about all of one day to register mine for my state, through simple office visits, google searches, phone calls, and cash...most places only take cash in the legal system.

Website + Media- Once you have your business registered legally as a business, it's time to really step up your storefront. As a photography business, your primary location is the internet. Even if you have a studio, the most prominent way we attract our clients is through the media and our website. I remember when I first registered my business, I felt like it was time to for me to get serious about my website. I wanted to design it and get somewhere with it. I invested a small amount, watched tutorials, and created a website for myself. Along with my new and improved website, I opened a business page on Facebook, and took some time to design that to match my website. It's all about first impressions. 

Running your business- This does not happen overnight. You have to live and learn over time. What works for your business, may not work for someone else's. You have to find a system for yourself, and develop your own pattern. Some of my best advice is to invest time and money into your customer service. My relationships with my couples and clients is the most important thing to me. When I am photographing them, I want to know WHO I am photographing, and why I am telling their story. I do this through getting to know them. Most businesses cannot survive without their customers, so it pays to make them your priority and get to know them. Be sure to be prompt in email responses and getting things back. I give myself a window of time for photo delivery, and I make sure to always be early. It's never okay to be late on image delivery, or even showing up for shoots! 

And lastly...

Consistency- As I mentioned before in Style + Editing, consistency is key. Once you have a style and look for your business, your clients come to you for that, and it's important to keep that look consistent. It's okay to change and develop overtime, but that comes through a slow process of gradual changes. Clients want what they see, so make sure you are a business and person they can trust. When they hire you, they should be getting what they see. Consistency builds trust. Trust builds brands and keeps them in business! 

Next up: Becoming a Creative | General Tips and Resources 

If you have any additional questions, please email, and I will be happy to answer. 
love kaytee

Friday, July 3, 2015


Today marks the day that I am officially 25. We planned to celebrate this weekend in New York, so we planned a backyard get together for all of our friends to come celebrate and see the house. We passed around my Polaroid camera, and these are the gems we found at the end of the night. It was amazing having everyone there, and we had so much fun. The piƱata was a huge hit!
  photo Scan 4_zpswfwaln1q.jpeg photo Scan 1_zpsmwp2lneu.jpeg photo 11_zpsele5ccsh.jpeg photo 14_zpsik3qgvlm.jpeg photo 12_zpsz02jrsyb.jpeg photo Scan 3_zpsluesc2d6.jpeg photo 13_zpsptlncm8c.jpeg photo Scan 9_zpsdm80cws3.jpeg  photo Scan 8_zpsm0ay4lsd.jpeg photo Scan 2_zpsarxc9ney.jpeg photo 15_zps5uyonjgs.jpeg photo Scan 6_zpsfmuxpa2e.jpeg photo Scan 5_zpsq62aookp.jpeg photo Scan 7_zpsnjkxibrp.jpeg
love kaytee